Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is El Patron escape room?
El Patron team game, in which you and your team will be locked in a room for 75 minutes. The aim is to escape the room, solving a series of riddles and logical puzzles. You have to find the clues, follow them, look into every detail and solve all the puzzles to escape the room.


2. Who is it appropriate for?
The game is suitable for people of all ages. The only requirement is if there are people under 18 years, the presence of at least one adult during their game.


3. How long is the game and when should I arrive for the start?
The duration of the game is 75 minutes. You should anticipate 10-15 minutes before and after the end of the game for instructions, questions, comments etc.


4. How many people can play at the same time?
The game can be played teams of 2 up to 5 people. More people are better but sometimes they tend to hinder themselves during the game in a closed space.


5. How much it costs and how to make a reservation?
The price depends of the number of players in the team. You can book a game for your team through our reservation system. After completing the reservation you will receive an automated confirmation on your email about your booking. You can also make a reservation by calling +359 879 44 88 36.


6. Should I know the exact number of players in my team to make a reservation?
It is advisable, but not necessary. You can add a participant in every moment before your booking and you can pay the fee for every additional person upon arrival at the room before the game starts.


7. Is the game scary?
NO, there is nothing scary in the room.


8. Can I leave the room if necessary?
You can leave the room at anytime, during your game. You just have to tell our staff and he will take you out of the room immediately. The rest of the team can continue their game if they want.


9. Do I need any special skills and physical strength?
No, the only thing you need is a team spirit, concentration and logical thinking. It is not needed the use of excessive physical strength or special skills at any aspect of the game.


10. How to get to you?
Our address is 14 Lerin str., Sofia, 1612 – the entrance is from Kyustendil str.. We are 5 minutes away from subway stop “Krasno selo”. Convenient public transport connections are also: tram 4 and 5 as well as buses 83, 102 and trolley 2, 9.


11. Is the game appropriate for children?
There is no problem for the children to participate at the discretion of the parent/guardian.


12. What if my team can’t solve any puzzle?
During your game our team will supervise your play and if we see that you are heading a wrong direction we will give you a clue to solve your problem, so you can move forward and enjoy your game. Also you can ask for help if you find any puzzle difficult.


13. Should I prepare for the room beforehand?
You only need a smile, don’t need any sort of preparation before the game.


14. Is the game changing? Can I play again next week?
The game, you will play will stay the same for a significant period of time, so to enjoy your experience it’s better to wait for the next scenario of the room.


15. What happens if we can’t escape for 75 minutes?
If you can’t find the exit in 75 minutes, the game finishes and you will be taken out of the room, hopefully with a smile and pleasant experience.


16. Is the game appropriate for a team building?
The game is very suitable for a team building experience as one of the main objectives is the teamwork for solving our puzzles. If you are interested in such event you can contact us on or +359 888 888 888.


17. Can I change my booking?
Yes, you can change your booking, but not later than 24 hrs before your game.


18. Can I buy a gift card?
Yes, for more information visit our Gift Voucher page or contact us on or +359 879 44 88 36.


19. What languages can the game be played in?
The game can be played in English and in Bulgarian.